Disastrous fire

Old country road

November 17, 1887 — Mr. James Laconia’s dwelling, about one mile southeast of Luray, near Mr. Wm. Row’s, was destroyed by fire about 10 o’clock last Friday night, together with every vestige of property.

The family had retired about 8 o’clock, and were awakened by the smoke filling the sleeping apartments. Mr. L.’s family is quite a large one, and four of his children who were sleeping in the attic on the night of the fire, barely escaped with their lives.

The fire having cut off escape by the stairway, the smaller children were thrown out of the window and caught in the arms of their father. An older daughter, who thus rescued her sisters, jumped from the window, and broke her leg in a horrible manner.

Mr. L. is a poor man, and this affliction bears heavily upon him. In addition to the misfortunes already mentioned, Mr. L.’s wife is an invalid, and he also has a son who but a few weeks ago fell and broke his arm.

We are glad to know that the wants of his destitute family are being liberally provided for by the generous people of this community.

The house belonged to Mrs. Elizabeth Sharpe, and the fire caught from a spark on the roof. There was no insurance on either the building or its contents. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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