Fire smothered in manure

Luray museum

December 1, 1887Some three or four weeks ago there came near being a disastrous fire at Mr. Abram Brubaker’s, in Massanutton, but which was prevented in an almost marvelous manner.

Lester, his son, was in the barn with a lantern which he had hung up to the ceiling. The colts in some way knocked it down, turning the oil out, which at once ignited.

Lester quickly picked it up and threw it out at the door into a straw stack. Marvelous as the statement may seem, there were two fires burning, one in the barn and the other in the straw stack, both of which were put out before any serious damage was done.

They were quickly and with great presence of mind smothered by heaping upon them the damp manure of the stable which was fortunately near at hand. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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