Hams stolen

Luray-Cave Hill

July 7, 1887Elder B.F. Grayson’s meat house was entered last Monday night and robbed of about 125 pounds of hams.

The thief entered by prying the door open at the hinges, and Mr. G. thinks it must have been about 1 o’clock at night, as about that hour he heard a noise in the yard, but upon getting up he saw no one.

The next morning a side of meat was found a few yards distant in the grass, the load being too heavy, we presume, for the thief.

It was a bold robbery, as the house stands in the yard only about 20 feet from Mr. Grayson’s door, which was standing open; and, besides, the moon was shining brightly. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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