Is Democracy Dying?


Let us think back to 2004. 

Congress had been failing us for quite some time. Simply put, the division between the left and right political wings had led to a legislative gridlock so tight that very little was being accomplished by congress. We, as a nation, were fed up and demanded change. 

We then elected Mr. Obama. But try as he did, President Obama failed to overcome the gridlock. Yes, he failed, but after his eight years in office, we were still a democracy, even though a rather ineffective one. And then we elected Mr. Trump, who promised to drain the swamp. 

A significant number of the Electoral College drank that Kool-Aid, and negated the popular vote. Has he drained the swamp? I think not. Has he improved the democratic process? No, but he has indeed brought us change.

But what is the nature of this change? Exactly what is changing?  In essence, we are witnessing a shift from democracy to autocracy. 

What is autocracy?  Webster defines it as a government in which one person has unlimited authority. I could illustrate this phenomenon in several ways, but we need only one example for now – witness his firing of four separate Inspectors General. Their job was to address and investigate illegal activities within their organizations, without bias, and to impartially reveal their findings. It appears Mr. Trump disagreed with them, and so he summarily removed them, just as he has removed others who disagree with his version of the truth.

And here’s the rub – he’s getting away with it. No one is stopping him. He is exercising unlimited authority.

So ask yourself.  Which form of government would you prefer – democracy? Or autocracy? If the courts don’t stop him, it won’t matter what we prefer; the nation, and perhaps the world, will be at the mercy of his preference.

Rick Walker ~ Luray, Va.

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