LFCC students now have immediate access to free mental health support and counseling

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mental health

~ Press release issued by LFCC

All LFCC students are now able to get immediate help for mental health and other wellbeing needs — at absolutely no cost — through TimelyMD, the leading telehealth company specializing in higher education.

TimelyMD developed its proprietary TimelyCare technology to offer students 24/7 health and counseling resources that are as easy and convenient as making a video or phone call. Through the TimelyCare app on their phone or other device, LFCC students can now select from a wide-ranging menu of virtual care options from licensed physicians and counselors in all 50 states — at no cost to them and without the hassle of traditional insurance — including: 

  • On-demand mental health support (TalkNow)
  • Appointment-based mental health counseling
  • Psychiatric support
  • Health coaching

While students can log into TimelyCare to set up a counseling appointment, students in crisis can get immediate support through TalkNow. With TalkNow, they can reach a behavioral health professional 24 hours a day to talk about any issues they may be having, such as suicidal thoughts, exam anxiety, stress and relationship issues.

The health coaching feature includes unlimited virtual sessions with a nutritionist, as well as coaching in a variety of topics, including exercise, healthy sleep habits, blood pressure issues, mindfulness, gut health, eating disorders, and more.

TimelyCare allows students to see the profiles, faces and specialty care details of a diverse range of licensed physicians and counselors available to them. They can choose to meet with a specific provider or select the first available. Typical consultations begin within 5-10 minutes – less than the amount of time it takes to walk across campus.

TimelyCare’s ease of use, convenience and immediacy make it easier than ever for LFCC students to get the help they need, when they need it. In fact, 60 percent of all students who have sought mental health support from TimelyMD said they would have done nothing if the service were not available to them.

“This is the first time LFCC has ever been able to offer mental health counseling and psychiatry to our students,” said Caroline Wood, associate vice president of student services and academic support. “We would think it’s a win if every student signed up to use it.”

If a student doesn’t feel a need for counseling, perhaps they’d enjoy participating in free yoga classes, she said.

Previously, the college would refer students seeking mental health help to the community services board serving the area where they lived. And, with the dearth of psychiatric providers in the region, students would sometimes have to wait months for an appointment, according to Wood.

Dean of Students Amber Foltz said students can access TimelyCare online or through its mobile app. She said there will be more than 250 counseling slots — in addition to the Talk Now feature — available each week to students in the Virginia Community College System.

“It’s open to all LFCC students, whether they enroll in one credit, or 18 credits,” she said.

Demand for teletherapy visits in particular skyrocketed during the pandemic, and mental health remains the top concern of college and university presidents. A recent survey found the majority of college students feel even more stress and anxiety than they did a year ago as Covid-19 continues to disrupt their plans to resume everyday activities and enjoy a more “normal” semester.

“College students said the number one thing their campuses can do to support them right now is provide more virtual services focused on their health and well-being, such as telehealth and teletherapy,” said Luke Hejl, TimelyMD CEO and co-founder. “Through TimelyCare, we are proud to deliver best-in-class virtual care to help LFCC students thrive.”

Students may sign up for the program at lfcc.edu/timelycare.



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    • The vast majority of community college students graduate with little or no debt, and I do not see this changing any time soon. This is the point of community college (more economical structure and therefore cheaper). You can look up both the base fees and generous aid policies of such institutions – some of the last places where a student can actually “work their way through college” on an entry level job. Community colleges are an example of a highly effective and popular government program.

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