Police looking into golf cart ordinance and other news from Shenandoah

Town of Shenandoah

~ PVN staff report from notes provided by Shenandoah Town Clerk

SHENANDOAH — The Shenandoah Police Department is researching an ordinance that would address the use of golf carts on town streets, according to notes from the Jan. 25 Shenandoah Council meeting.

While golf cart use may be considered within Town limits, state law limits their travel to roads where the posted speed is 25 mph or less. That would prohibit their use on Route 340, whether it’s traveling along the road or even crossing over it.

Once Police Chief Paul Davis reports back to the council, a decision will then be made about the future use of golf carts on Town streets.

In other business at its Jan. 25 meeting, the Shenandoah Council:

• Received a list of 2021 Accomplishments including Town, Infrastructure, and Equipment Upgrades, Parks and Recreation News, a list of Events held in Town, and an update on the Computer Center and Media Outlets. It also included the Town had six new home constructions and 10 new businesses.

• Heard 65 percent of new [water] meters have been installed, and the installers are ahead of schedule.

Commended Public Works for their quick response to a sewer emergency and their snow removal while being short staffed.

• Heard the Planning Commission is reviewing the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and plans to review the Town Code next as well.

• Authorized to bid out a refuse pick-up contract, as the current contract will end on June 30, 2022.

• Heard there are some computerized items at the sewer plant needing repair and some electrical items needing repair too. Invoices will be coming on some of this work and some price quotes are being obtained for the other things.



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