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Rescue One

~ PVN staff report

SHENANDOAH — Last month, Woody Brown, Page County Director of Emergency Services, informed the Shenandoah Council that the Shenandoah Rescue Squad, Inc. had disbanded. All assets of the rescue squad will revert to the Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Department.

The volunteers with the fire department plan to form a new entity — Shenandoah Volunteer Rescue Squad, LLC — to have an organization to be affiliated for licensing.

In the meantime, Page County Emergency Services will continue to have an ambulance and EMS staff 24/7 in Shenandoah, and they plan to carry out services in the same building.

In other business at its Dec. 14 meeting, the Shenandoah Council took the following actions:

• Authorized hazardous duty pay bonuses for full time employees equal to one week’s salary. A new payroll schedule will begin the first of the year and this bonus will also ensure employees receive the same amount of pay that they are accustomed to during the changeover. Approved up to $20,000 to be taken from reimbursements through the American Rescue Plan Act Funds to pay for the one-time bonus.

• Accepted the Planning Commission’s recommendation and approved the subdivision of lot request by Sean Wheeler and Rickel Contracting, Inc, for lot 52 in the Forest Knolls Subdivision.

• Approved the low bidder for replacement of two exhaust fans and two louver actuators at the Sewer Pump House by Blauch Brothers, Inc in the amount of $5,210.00. Authorized payment to be taken from Utility Fund Capital Outlay Sewage Plant budgeted line item.

• Approved patching a 10’x 6’ area of Fourth Street by Hensil M. Good Asphalt Paving Inc in the amount of $325. Authorized payment to be taken from General Capital Outlay Street Improvements budgeted line item.

• Approved fencing to be installed around the Town’s Dog Park by Deep South Fencing in the amount up to $10,000 to be paid with the American Rescue Plan Act Funds.

• Heard former members of the Shenandoah Beautification Committee (SBC) disbanded and returned the money the Town had previously donated back to the Town in the amount of $3,022.68. Other community members expressed interest in continuing the work of this committee and have requested the funds be given to them to carry out the duties. Brenda Haggett would be the new SBC President and will set up a special checking account to handle the funds and expenses related to the SBC. Council authorized donating $3,022.68 to the newly organized SBC in care of Brenda Haggett.

• Heard from Railroad Committee Chair/Councilman Comer that minor repairs are being made to the building by Town Staff, but there are several things that require the services of an engineer and other things that bids are being obtained. Therefore, Council authorized Town Manager Roudabush to secure the services of Town Engineer Racey to get these items reviewed.

At its Jan. 11 meeting, the Shenandoah Council took the following actions:

• With regrets, Mayor Lucas and Council accepted Officer Dakota Alger’s resignation to explore other career objectives, effective Jan. 16, 2022. Officer Alger will remain on the part time roster. Applications are being accepted for both certified and uncertified candidates.

• Authorized donation for the Shenandoah Rec Department in the amount of $30,000. Amount to be paid from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for equipment and upgrades at the Shenandoah Ball Park.

• Authorized Town Manager Roudabush to price a third tennis court in Town. Page County High School uses the Town’s courts for practice; however, there is a three-court minimum needed for meets/tournaments. Currently, Page County High School travels to Shenandoah County’s New Market Town Park tennis courts for meets/tournaments. It was also noted Pickleball has become more popular, and the game also uses tennis courts.

• Authorized donation for the Shenandoah Beautification Committee (SBC) in the amount of $2,500 for décor and supplies used in Beautification Projects. Amount to be paid from ARPA reimbursements. Banners with a train and winter scene were approved to be purchased by the SBC.

• Authorized the purchase of a toddler wall, at a cost of $6,694, as a part of Phase IV of the WigWam Village playground replacement. It was noted this purchase is subject to the Town’s grant from PACA and a planned citizen donation. Any leftover monies will be used toward the purchase of benches.

• Authorized Blauch Brothers, Inc to jetter pipes and run a camera to see damage in sewer pipes located at First and Maryland, Third and Maryland, and Fifth and Maryland in the amount of $1,200 to be transferred from the Water/Sewer line account to the Utility Fund. After the inspection, Blauch Brothers will give quotes for each line to either reline or replace depending on the type of damage. The Town will pursue other bids too.

• Authorized Racey Engineering to provide an engineering review of 507 First Street’s structural integrity in the amount of $1,150 to be paid from ARPA funds. Authorized adding review and replacement drawing for the retaining wall to this contract for an additional fee. Engineered stamped design is needed due to the height of this wall.

• Approved East Point Repair Services, Inc replace the clutch and other items on the International dump truck in the amount of $4,127.55 transferred from the General Capital Improvement Account to the General Fund Checking Account.

• Received a flyer from the Shenandoah Beautification Committee announcing their Valentine’s fundraiser. For $10, the committee will personalize hearts that will be displayed around the Town. Proceeds will go towards purchasing decorations that the committee will use throughout the year in Town. Contact Brenda Haggett for more information (540) 652-2261 or e-mail

• Received information on the 2022 Cruz-Ins being held Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. on First Street. Dates include: May 27 (rain or shine) sponsored by JR’s Tire Service, June 10 (Rain Date June 17) sponsored by Shenandoah Machine Shop, July 8 (Rain Date July 15) sponsored by J&M Auto Parts, Aug. 5 (Rain Date August 12) sponsored by May’s Recycling, and Sept. 16 (Rain Date Sept. 23) sponsored by Blue Ridge Bank on First Street in Shenandoah. There are no registration fees, and all makes, models, and years are welcome. Registered cruisers will have chances to win cash prizes of $50 or $100, as well as door prizes, and 50/50 ticket sales. For more information contact Nancy Karnes (540) 742-1141.

• Authorized VRS to conduct an Enhanced Hazardous Duty Retirement Plan actuarial study in the amount up to $3,0000 to determine the cost of the program’s implementation. Payment to be taken out of General Fund Capital Outlay Reserved for Contingency budgeted line item. The Enhanced Hazardous Duty Retirement Plan would be for the Shenandoah Police Department officers only.



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