Money stolen from homes on Dry Run

Old country road

November 17, 1887 — We learn from Mr. B.F. Strickler that a number of the farmers living on Dry Run have recently lost sums of money, varying from $21 to $100. During the past few weeks nearly every man in that section has been more or less in the mountains fighting fire, and it was during their absence, it is supposed, that their dwellings were entered and robbed.

It is reported that Mr. Jno. P. Shenk lost $100. The thief entered his house while he and his family were at church. An entrance was effected by removing a window pane and hoisting the sash. Mr. S. kept his money in a small chest, which was unlocked by the thief and re-locked after removing the money. 

Mr. Wm. Griffith lost $21, and Mr. Thomas Miller $80. It is reported that Mr. Jno. Batman lost an amount also, but what sum we have not heard. These, if true, are singular thefts indeed, and look very much as though the thief, or thieves, must be well acquainted with the premises and circumstances of the persons robbed.

Strenuous efforts should be made to detect and bring to justice the guilty party, as there is no more dangerous character in any community than a burglar. The same skill and vigilance that caught Rhodes, as shrew as he was, may now give him a companion in the lower house in Richmond. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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