Moratorium on evictions will expire July 31, but state’s Rent Relief Program can help


Dear Editor,

The moratorium on evictions will be expiring July 31 this year.

The Virginia Rent Relief Program (RRP) is designed to support and ensure housing stability across the commonwealth during the coronavirus pandemic. Depending on availability of funds and household need, the RRP may provide financial assistance for rent payments for eligible households. This includes financial assistance for rent payments past due beginning April 1, 2020 and onward.

This can be a win/win for landlords and tenants since the landlord can collect the back rent owed to them and the tenant may be able to remain in the rental property having caught up on their delinquent payments, thus avoiding being homeless. The application process requires cooperation between the landlord and tenant, which should not be a problem since both will benefit.

RRP may be able to provide rent relief for households who have experienced either a loss of income or an increase in expenses due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some examples of this are: 

  • You have been laid off, place of employment has closed or a reduction of hours.
  • You must stay home to care for children due to closure of day care and/or school or distance learning.
  • You have lost child or spousal support.
  • You have had an increase in expenses due to COVID-19, i.e. child care, medical bills, etc.
  • You have been unable to find employment due to COVID-19.
  • You are unwilling or unable to participate in employment due risk of illness from COVID-19.
  • You have had an Increase in childcare expenses
  • You have had an increase in medical expenses
  • You have had an increase in food costs
  • You have had an increase in utility costs

For more information contact:

Jennifer Orenic ~ Luray, Va.

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