Page County needs to address highest unemployment rate in the region


Dear editor,

I am writing in response to the article titled “Page County unemployment climbs to 7.6% in January, remains highest in district” published in your newspaper on March 24, 2021. The author, Randy Arrington, shows that Page County is suffering from the highest unemployment rates in the district. Page county saw the largest growth of unemployment from month to month in 2020, ending up with a rate of 7.6% in January of 2021.

I believe it is crucial for our county to address and act on this problem that has been persistently affecting our community.

By not being able to work, individuals become disconnected from the community. Jobs’ supply social interaction, support, and health benefits to employees. Without these benefits, people may face a decline in mental and physical health.

However, unemployment is not only affecting the individuals without jobs, but also the whole community. When individuals become disconnected from the community from not working, they are less likely to take part in community activities, and volunteer. Issues like drug abuse and crime may result from individuals who are facing anxiety and stress from losing their income.

Therefore, Page County should take action to decrease our rates of unemployment.

Kyleigh Cubbage ~ Page County, Va.  

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