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HISTORY-Lee highway builders

July 23, 1891 — Having never seen anything in your valuable journal from this section of the moral vineyard, we will endeavor to write down a few items that may be of interest to your readers, at least to many persons in this section of the county, who scan its well-filled pages every week. 

Mr. Jacob M. Beahm, we regret to state, has been very much indisposed for the past several weeks, but at this writing very much improved, we are glad to be able to report. 

Mr. John P. Shenk, also of this neighborhood, has been in enfeebled health for some time, but is now better, we are glad to learn. 

Mr. John Fox, who has been quite ill at his home near this place, is we are glad to report, on the road to health again. 

Mr. G.R. Mussleman has the finest crop of corn in this section. “Gabe” is a splendid farmer, and always raised the best of everything to be had in the land.

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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