Page County Public Forum hosts discussion on local economic development July 28

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Airport officials
Town and county officials gathered at the Luray Caverns Airport in May 2021 to celebrate the opening of a mechanic shop there, which is expected to both increase airport traffic and help drive economic development.

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LURAY, July 6 — The Page County Public Forum will host an online discussion later this month regarding local economic development issues with five panelists who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

The event titled “Economic Development in Luray and Page County:  Where Are We Now?  Where Are We Going” is scheduled to take place via Zoom from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 28.

“This presentation has been put together under the great leadership of Cathy Herbert and Alex White, and they have lined up some of the best panelists in the county to discuss this most important topic,” Page County Public Forum Co-Chair Nancy Boyer stated in an email on Monday to promote the event.

This program will feature a look into the current framework of economic development in Page County and explore strategies for growth consistent with the demographics, geography and resources of the county.

Following an introduction by moderator Cathy Herbert, the following panelist will give their thoughts on specific aspects of economic development in Page County:

Alex White, a Luray native and student at Harvard University, will discuss our most valuable resource — young people. What can we do to help them become productive adults and present them with opportunities that allow them to remain here?

Tony Villa, an executive with IBR, will describe the growth of IBR and how the company has expanded from traditional agriculture and apartment complex holdings to recent forays into upscale lodging and restaurants, as well as the restoration of the Brown Building and other enterprises. What are the implications of this evolving business model for Luray and Page County?

• Liz Lewis, former Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator for Page County, will review the demographics of the County in terms of age, education, small business focus, and recreation and tourist-oriented business development. She will provide an assessment of what these factors mean for today’s business development and future growth.

• Nina Long Fox, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for Page County, will discuss the structure of business development efforts underway by the County and related entities, including how the County, Chamber of Commerce, and Luray Downtown Initiative work together. What are their synergies? She will explain TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) money and its allocations.

Keith Guzy, District 1 representative on the Page County Board of Supervisors, will review economic development in terms of County governance, both now and for the future. He will provide insights into the supervisors’ goals for economic development and describe the County’s “wish list for economic development” over the next five to 10 years — and how to get there.

In order to join the forum on July 28:

• Log into Zoom at: 

• Select the option to “Join Meeting”

• Meeting  ID — 820 0086 4690

• Enter password — 789201

Once logged in, viewers should be able to watch, listen and also participate during the question and answer time allotted from 7:30 until 8 p.m.

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