Page Milling Co. celebrates 60 years

Luray museum

April 26, 1962 — Nothing satisfies Virginia appetites like home-baked breads, pies, biscuits and pancakes … and no flours or corn meal have a finer reputation with our local housewives than the “Star of the East,” “Magnolia,” Besgrade” and “Early Morn” brands produced by The Page Milling Co., of Luray, Virginia, now celebrating their 60th anniversary.

When the original mill of but 50 barrels daily capacity was acquired at the turn of the century by a group of local businessmen and inventors, most families baked three times a day.

Farmers brought their grain to the mill and reserved “on deposit” enough for their own family’s requirements. The balance of the output went to Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia.

E.C. Harnsberger, first president of the newly incorporated company, and his associates were also instrumental in the development of a number of other local industries.

At that time, and until 1920, the Mill maintained its own copper shop and built all its own barrels.

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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