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So, would the proposal essentially mean Page County taxpayers (including me) subsidize garbage disposal for neighbors to the east?

I understand that it “costs” Page $26 a ton to operate the landfill — an improvement.

But, have county officials studied “the market?” In Fauquier, less than an hour’s drive from Luray, we pay about $45 a ton to ship our trash to a huge landfill in Henrico County.

It would be valuable to see a chart of costs for a decent-sized sample of Virginia jurisdictions, because $34 a ton looks like a real bargain.

And, despite the improvements in Battle Creek’s operation, the landfill has a tortured history. How much have Page County taxpayers “lost” because of past poor decision-making over the years? Should county leaders do everything they can to recoup as much of that as possible?

Would $40 a ton represent a good deal for Rappahannock and Warren counties as well as Page? Does the proposed contract leave “money on the table?”

Perhaps the board of supervisors has all of that research. If not, as the county’s fiscal stewards, the supervisors should have as much context as possible before ratifying the contract with Rappahannock.

Charging $40 versus $34 a ton, would generate less than $20,000 a year in additional revenue. But, the deal also would further cement Page’s place in the market. Whether selling cars or providing professional services, it’s difficult to raise the customers’ costs significantly once they get accustomed to paying certain prices. It makes sense to think not only about the short term but to consider the more distant future.

Transparency builds trust among citizens. will, I trust, dramatically improve the amount and quality of information citizens receive. As a native, taxpayer and close follower of Page County news, I’m rooting for all involved, especially the citizens, who’ve suffered too much for too long.

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  1. What are their plans for accommodating the additional trash? It already seems challenging for them to manage the odor and debris with what they have now. They already need to to step it up; there are times when the odor prevents those of us who live near from spending time outside. How do they now and how do they plan to manage both the odor and the debris that blows into our yards and all along 340?

  2. promises promises promises………..We need a board of Supervisors who can negotiate. We have bargained away our future once again…..

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