Stanley’s Co. 24 answered 38 calls in February, $100,000 in fire damage, no injuries

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Stanley Fire Dept

~ Provided by Stanley Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 24

STANLEY — Fire Chief Terry A. Pettit reported that the Stanley Volunteer Fire Department answered 38 calls for the month of February. There were 18 emergency calls, nine medical calls and 11 non-emergency calls. Total for the first two months of the year is 88 calls.

A breakdown of the calls show that the department responded to 10 medical calls, three vehicle accidents, three calls for electrical lines down, three calls for lock outs, two brush fires, two structure fires (chimney and house) and one wash down, control burn, smoke alarm activation standby landing  zone, odor investigation, gasoline spill, remove tree from roadway, LP gas leak, check roof, CO alarm, smoke investigation, standby control burn, grass fire, pickup fire and automatic fire alarm.   

An average of 12 members responded to each emergency call and an average of five members responded to each medical call. The most members on an emergency call were 23 and the least was five.  

There was 379 miles placed on apparatus, and there was $100,000 in fire damage for the month. The department assisted the Stanley Rescue Squad on nine calls, Page County EMS on two calls, and the Shenandoah Fire Department on two calls.  The department was assisted by the Page County EMS on two calls.

There were no injuries during the month.

Members responding to the most emergency calls were Chief Pettit 18, Colin Huffman 14, Mike Lloyd 11, Bruce Stoneberger 11, Caleb Purdham 10, Jason Pettit 9, Ethan Knight 9, Paul Sebastian 8, Zach Croft 8 and Mitch Martin 8.  

Members answering the most medical calls were Chief Pettit 8, Bruce Stoneberger 5, Mike Foltz 4, Travis Hilliards 4 and Mike Lloyd 4.

Members answering the most non-emergency calls were Chief Pettit 8, Colin Huffman 4, Mike Lloyd 4, Caleb Purdham 4, Dale Housden 3, Jason Pettit 3 and Jason Sours.    

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