Stanley’s Co. 24 answered 55 calls in May

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STANLEY — The Stanley Volunteer Fire Department answered 55 calls in May, reported Fire Chief Terry A. Pettit, including 16 emergency calls, 13 medical calls and 26 non-emergency calls. Total calls for the first five months of the year are 268. 

A breakdown of the calls show that the department responded to 13 medical calls, 8 standby control burns, six structure fires (5 houses, 1 chimney), four vehicle accidents, 3 calls for lock outs, 2 smoke investigations, 2 wash downs, 2 fire safety presentations, 2 standby fireworks display, 2 electrical lines down, 2 fire inspections, 2 odor investigations and one control burn, CO alarm, transformer fire, parade, stand by landing zone, animal rescue and smoke alarm malfunction. 

An average of 15 members responded to each emergency call, and an average of 8 members responded to each medical call. The most members on an emergency call were 25, and the least was seven.  

There were 440 miles placed on apparatus, and there was $1,525 in fire damage for the month. The department assisted the Stanley Rescue Squad on 11 calls, Page County EMS on three calls and the Shenandoah Fire Department on three calls. The department was assisted by Page County EMS on two calls and Stanley Rescue Squad on one call. 

Two vehicle accident related injuries were reported and three cars were totaled. One call was to set up landing zone for Air Care 4 to transport medical patient.   

Members responding to the most emergency calls were Chief Pettit 16, Mike Lloyd 14, Brennan Stoneberger 12, Ethan Knight 11, Bruce Stoneberger 10, Ariel Beales 10, Colin Huffman10, Jason Pettit 10, Mike Foltz 9 and Mathew Price 9.     

Members answering the most medical calls were Chief Pettit 12, Mike Lloyd 7, Ethan Knight 6, Mathew Price 6, Bruce Stoneberger 5, Mike Foltz 5, Colin Huffman 5 and Darrnell Owens 5.    

Members answering the most non-emergency calls were Chief Pettit 13, Mike Lloyd 10,  Brennan Stoneberger 8, Colin Huffman 8, Ethan Knight 6, Mathew Price 6, Darrnell Owens 6 and Chance Wallace 5.

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