Thanks again to ‘officer’ that provided roadside assistance on 211


Dear Editor:

While enroute to Luray for business, I experienced a flat tire along Route 211. As I was preparing the tire change, a young man in a pick-up truck pulled up behind me. He identified himself as a detective with the Luray Police Department and offered to help. Shortly thereafter, a marked police vehicle arrived, the uniform officer offered to help, and pretty much took over the whole process.

It was a hot day, I am 80 years old, and I was so grateful for their help! We introduced ourselves by name, shook hands, and went our separate ways when the work was done.

My business was at the District Court and I commented to someone that a uniformed officer had changed my tire for me. When I mentioned that the kind stranger had introduced himself to me as a “Bow Cook,” the listener laughed and said, “You’ve just been helped by our Chief of Police”!

Good to know that, in a time when we are surrounded by so much bad news, the good and dedicated people are out there working to make this a better world every single day!

Thanks again, gentlemen!


Meredyth Stirling ~ Woodbridge, Va.

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