State run primary


A State Run or Open Primary is when a political party chooses to have the local Election Office handle their election. I do not believe the taxpayers should be footing the bill for a Party Primary or any political party activity. 

With the current 45-day election season, a primary in the late spring and early summer places additional hardships on the Registrars. This is the time they should be preparing for the regular 45-day election season, that starts in September. There is the added expense (paid by us, the taxpayer) of Election Officers for an extra 45 days and the challenge of finding election officers to work. 

This is a non-partisan issue. Taxpayer money should not be used to support any party. Local party leaders that choose this type of primary are selfishly ignoring the burden they place on the local Registrar and the entire community. 

If you agree with me, reach out to your party leaders TODAY and let them know how you feel. 

Mary Carol Ivie ~ Berryville, Va.

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