The Right Age: Did he pick the wrong one?


I’m talking about “The Bachelor.” I was really into that whole thing. I don’t usually watch “The Bachelor,” but the show that went on for many months the ended with their wedding in January of 2024, I paid strict attention to.

I had my doubts if it would all work out. For instance, would any of you want to meet the opposite sex, have every thing you did published, then get married, all in about six months?

But I thought if, in about two years, if it didn’t work out, they would divorce quietly. Now it’s been three months and they are divorcing? What’s that saying? If it smells like fish, it is fish. I don’t think that sounds right? Well anyway, I’m surprised. Or am I?

I’ve read all the stories about them getting divorced and though I wasn’t surprised, these are just a few things I have questions about.

They were both well over the age where, as we tend to get older, we take our time and think things through. In three months, they made the decision. That seems awfully fast. I can imagine their children’s reactions, especially if they were acting like they were the “parent”. They probably suggested to them such things as, your doctors are here, your friends are here, we are here, where are you going to be? Why didn’t Gerry and Theresa make the decision, where, before they got married?

Boy, I am so glad this didn’t happen to anyone in my family. Just think, if they plan to televise the “break up”, it would become a series. But maybe not. They signed a “pre-nupt” before it took place. And they don’t live in a small town like we do. Could you imagine what the gossip would be around here if this would be one of us? Thank goodness, I don’t think we have to worry about it.

For one thing, people today are too cautious. If you are an older couple who enjoy being together, to most of us, that’s enough. If you are sure this person is for you, then tie the knot. Whatever makes you happy.

In my case, I have a special friend, but do I want to get married, now, as old as I am? No! Does he? No! We just enjoy each other where there is no pretense. We don’t have to do anything except be ourselves.

I know of two couples that got married when they were in their 80s. They were very happy. It’s rare, but it happens.

As for Gerry and Teresa, I don’t think they will have another round, especially on television, where they will go looking again. How did they ever have the energy for all of that the first time?

I know it tired me out.

Till next time, be safe.

“The Right Age” is a weekly column written for senior citizens by 84-year-old Nan Donovan, who has lived in the Shenandoah Valley for 45 years. She has worked for newspapers, as well as radio and television stations, including WLCC. She moved to the Valley from Pennsylvania.



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