Decision 2022/Luray Council – Q&A with Ron Vickers

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Ron Vickers

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Page Valley News will be publishing profiles of local candidates in contested races for the Luray and Shenandoah councils in this fall’s elections over the next few weeks. Each race features four candidates for three open seats, and voters may cast ballots for up to three candidates.

Ron Vickers

Age: 65

Education:  MSEd, Shenandoah University, 1996; BSEd, Industrial Arts, Virginia Tech, 1980.

Work:  Technology Education Teacher, Sherando High School, Frederick County (5th year);  Luray High School (9 years); bulk of teaching in Rappahannock County (over 25 years).

• Military service: Honorable discharge from USMC 1988, Combat Engineer, Rank of Sergeant.

• Elected office: Luray Town Council

• Community involvement: Virginia Technology Education & Engineering Association, past president, currently Publications Editor and Historian; Page County Habitat for Humanity, over 20 years; Luray Ruritan Club.

Family: Wife, Layne; four children, Clay, Joe, Carolyn and Ben.


• Why are you running for public office?

This will be my third election to this office and I believe I have more to offer the citizens of Luray. I never got involved in this to stay for life, but I am humbled to serve. I like the challenges that come up when we try to make decisions that benefit all residents of Luray.

• What makes you the best candidate?

I will not claim to be the best candidate, but I do bring a different perspective to the council because of my association with youth my whole adult life (at the schools where I’ve worked, in the Boy Scouts my sons were a part of, etc). I value open dialogue and the rule of law. I’m not bothered about the need for  6-0 votes by the council. Luray residents elect us to debate and consider the most important local issues. I don’t go into meetings with my mind all made up. I want to hear what others have to add.

• What is the most pressing issue facing the Town of Luray?

The pain and misery from drug addiction has been prevalent in our society for years. I fully support our law enforcement in their efforts to help these folks. And I’d like to see us do more to put together a holistic approach (with counselors and doctors) to make sure people suffering from drug addiction (and their families) get the support they need.

• What is one thing that you would like to change or improve about Luray?

I’d love for Luray to continue to become a better steward of the earth. Lots of folks agree with me that we should not waste resources. I want to strive to continue to include citizens more in decisions we make. We live in a beautiful place in this world, and I’d love to keep it that way.

• Briefly describe a decision you have made in a leadership role and tell why you made that decision.

In my first term, I pushed for the town to have a Facebook page. There was strong opposition at the time, and I just kept the idea on the surface. It took time to allay the fears of some that it would be a bad thing. Today I believe  it is one of the best ways we have to get information out to the public very quickly and at very little taxpayer cost.



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  1. I love Ron. He cares about the community and using his common sense. Doesn’t need to hide behind guns, the bible, or the American flag to be a good person.

  2. “Bill B”. You appear to have sustained some failure somewhere. Don’t let the steam coming out your ears fog your glasses.

    • Cath,

      You are too kind, though I do not know that I am the strongest anything! That said, my profile should be coming out soon, as they are in alphabetical order by last name.

      Thank You For Your Support,


  3. Yeah Cath. I’ve been waiting too. He has “For A Better Luray” on his yard signs. Anxious to hear how he’s going to make Luray “better” than it already is.
    If it involves public money to mollycoddle low ambition, and crappy behavior with, then you better start thinking.

    • Mr. Sanford, you are correct to worry about the moral hazard of subsidizing bad things – it is good that much of my thinking is towards getting the government out of the way! For example, we can look at the red tape that exists around starting a business locally and see how we can get government out of the way and incentive the private market and entrepreneurs to make good things happen (jobs, etc.). Another idea is looking at our zoning code and seeing where we are currently arbitrarily holding back private owners from allowing the property that they own to create long term housing supply that is within reach for people who work (most governments artificially restrain that supply via antiquated zoning). Another is opening lines of communication with our local schools to see what can be done on work skills so that those who are willing to do the work can take better advantage of the many certifications that our schools already offer (which helps students to be self sufficient and allows our local economy to be more competitive). Finally, we might build better partnerships with local nonprofits so that they are prepared to do those things which are the province of charity (not government). These are just a few ideas, and no one can do everything. Still, they speak to the core of my approach: don’t grow burdens, improve policy to get out of people’s way where it makes sense. Doing so is budget neutral. My answers in the coming profile will be tempered by word count limits, but I would be honored to continue this conversation in depth if things work out in November!

  4. Sounds good Alex. But you will have to stick to what you say. That will be the fastest path to your political advancement, which I think you are interested in.

    • Thank you sir – my philosophy on local spending is that it should be on true dividend paying “Investments” for which an alternative to spending can’t be found (on a case by case basis). Lots of grants and things to apply for out in the world if we want to fund something beyond absolute needs, and I am certainly for searching + applying for those. Might as well attract money here to help our taxpayers if it wouldve gone elsewhere! Thank you again for engaging!

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