Decision 2022/Shenandoah Council – Q&A with Lynn Fox

Lynn Fox

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Page Valley News will be publishing profiles of local candidates in contested races for the Luray and Shenandoah councils in this fall’s elections over the next few weeks. Each race features four candidates for three open seats, and voters may cast ballots for up to three candidates.

Lynn E. Fox

Age: 65

Education:  Graduate Of Page County High School; certified technician for Honda and Kawasaki engines; Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician; Kohler Expert Technician; on-going annual education for these certifications for the last 40 years.

Work:  Co-owner and CEO Of Fox Lawn & Garden LLC, FLGparts, and; and bus driver for Rockingham County Public Schools.

Elected office:  Councilman, Town Of Shenandoah, 2014-present.

Family: Wife, Sharon; daughter, Christina.


• Why are you running for public office?

I wish to continue to serve the Town Of Shenandoah, working with the other members of council, to make Shenandoah a better community.

• What makes you the best candidate?

I attended most Town Council meetings for two years before I decided to run for council in 2014, doing so gave me first-hand knowledge of issues facing council and knowledge of the workings of the town. Being a successful businessman with years of experience handling finances, my years of mechanical work and working with the public, greatly influence my vote on issues facing our town. I always ask: Is this best for the Town of Shenandoah, and is this the best and most economical solution?

I cannot speak for the other candidates, but I believe you must be acquainted with the issues of our town, and be willing to work for the best possible outcome, and not have personal agendas. You must realize that we are governed by state and federal codes. This is not a popularity contest. This is work, long hours, research and decisions that affect all citizens’ lives. Decisions that will not be popular, but that are the best for the Town of Shenandoah.

• What is the most pressing issue facing the Town of Shenandoah?

Without a doubt, our aging infrastructure. Shenandoah has numerous water and sewer issues that are going to require attention in the near future. It is council’s job to see that these issues are repaired and corrected.

• What is one thing that you would like to change or improve about Shenandoah?

I would love to see more residents at Town Council meetings, bringing their concerns and ideas, and see them get involved.

• Briefly describe a decision you have made in a leadership role and tell why you made that decision.

Being a bus driver I make decisions daily that affect 50-plus children’s lives, sometimes split-second decisions to keep them safe. As a councilman I make decisions daily to keep the citizens of Shenandoah safe and spend their tax dollars wisely.

Two issues come to mind, Russ Comer and I were instrumental in changing the elections from May to November. This saves the town a substantial amount of money each election.

Second, the town needed a new dump truck, I found two used dump trucks that were already set up to VDOT specifications, in great condition, for less than half the price of a new truck.



Voters have until Monday, Oct. 17 to register for casting ballots in Nov. 8 general election

In-person voting begins Friday for November ballot featuring House and town council races

New faces in council races for seats in Luray and Shenandoah

Voting precincts same as November for today’s GOP primary in U.S. House race

Call to candidates for town councils

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