Dr. Amiss dies

Luray-Cave Hill

July 19, 1962Dr. F. Thomas Amiss, 62, for 40 years a Luray physician and specialist, died suddenly from a coronary attack Tuesday evening of this week at his country home on State Route 647 about one mile west of Luray.

His death was a great shock as he had been in comparative good health in recent weeks.

He had spent a burdensome day at his office, however, and had stated to his family that he was quite fatigued.

His death occurred on the same day in 1954 as his brother, Edward, who was also a physician.

Dr. Amiss is the last of a distinguished line of Page County doctors who practiced at 103 W. Main Street and was connected prominently with the professional, social, business and political life of this area for a century.

His father, Fred. T. Amiss, was treasurer of Page County from 1912-1924 and a leader in the Democratic Party.

His grandfather was a surgeon in the Confederate Army. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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