Seven new parking spots, but still no dog park


Dear Editor,

After many years of contacting Luray administrations for the construction of a dog park, we finally realized they were not interested in the dog owners of Luray.

Even when the towns of Elkton, Grottoes and Timberville did construct dog parks for their residents, Luray was not interested.

But when the town placed the ridiculous area on Broad Street at a cost of $100,000 for seven parking spots, we felt that we must respond.

That works out to roughly $14,284 a spot. Could have constructed a nice dog park for the price of two spaces.

We urge dog owners of the area to question as to why the town is so against providing their residents, and tax payers, something useful.

We have even been questioned by tourists with dogs as to why the town has none.

Our response is that the town is not interested.

Gary and Cindy Hahn ~ Luray, Va.

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  1. I’m an owner of two dogs. I asked a town council member a couple years ago about why neither Luray or (I believe) Page County has provided dog parks to the citizens and their pooches. I pointed out that Ralph Dead Park seems to have plenty of acreage to accommodate a dog park His answer: Paying for the liability insurance would be a nightmare.

    I used to live in NJ. I often visited the dog parks in Burlington and Mercer Counties weekly. If they can afford the liability insurance to provide for dog parks, I’d recommend that Luray and Page County officials get off their fannies and ask their insurance providers to do a little investigation regarding dog park liability.

  2. We already have parks out here. If you really wanted to let your dog(s) out to run take them out for a jog or you can take them to the park, just find an open area for them to run.

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