3 Panthers named Bull Run District ‘Player of the Year’ in spring sports

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~ PVN staff report

SHENANDOAHPage County High School marked a milestone in its sports archives this week as three different Panthers in three different spring sports were named “Player of the Year” in the Bull Run District.

• Taylor Hankins — softball

• Lance Williams — baseball

• Jared Melini — boys’ soccer

“I do not remember a prior situation of this magnitude in the past 15 years honoring three athletes at this level,” PCHS Athletic Director Keith Cubbage stated in a email announcing the selections.


Senior Taylor Hankins has been a key part of the success the undefeated Panthers have seen on the softball field this year. While she’s also listed as a third baseman, Hankins has spent most of her time this season inside the circle for the Panthers. Among the team’s 12 wins, Hankins has recorded eight shutouts and held opponents to only five runs — while Page racked up 123. Eight members of the team earned All-District honors.

The Panthers (12-0) head into the Region 2B semifinals on Tuesday evening as the No.1 team in the district and the region. They host fourth-seeded Clarke County (8-4) at 4:30 p.m. No. 3 East Rockingham heads to No. 2 Buffalo Gap in the other semifinal on Tuesday at 6 p.m. The Region 2B finals will be held Thursday at PCHS.



• Catcher — Mirandah Jenkins, junior, Rappahannock

• First Base — Morgan Lucas, senior, Page County

• Second Base — Kammie Brown, junior, Rappahannock

• Third Base — Maddie Gordon, junior, Page County

• Shortstop — Madison Edwards, sophomore, Clarke

• Outfield — Hailey Danuser, freshman, Madison; Alyssa Hoggatt, senior, Clarke; Taylor Umberger, junior, Page County

• DP/Flex — Jocelyne Rinker, sophomore, Page County

• At-Large — Emma Cude, sophomore, East Rockingham; Ashlyn Herring, sophomore, East Rockingham

• PitcherTaylor Hankins, senior, Page County; Madison Arbaugh, sophomore, East Rockingham; Abigail Peace, junior, Clarke

Softball Player of the Year- Taylor Hankins (Page County)


• Catcher — Kirsten Hensley, junior, Page County

• First Base — Megan Holland, junior, East Rockingham

• Second Base — Marissa Monger, senior, Page County

• Third Base — Taylor Settle, senior, Rappahannock

• Shortstop — Beth Martz, senior, East Rockingham

• Outfield — Campbell Paskel, sophomore, Clarke; Sarah Smith, junior, East Rockingham; Emily Eppard, junior, East Rockingham

• DP/Flex — Kiersten Wiseley, freshman, Strasburg

• At-Large — Tana Merica, senior, Page County; Natalie Hott, senior, Strasburg

• Pitcher — Kiersten Wiseley, freshman, Strasburg; Summer Anderson, senior, Madison; Claire Keyser, freshman, Rappahannock


Sophomore Lance Williams has lead the Panthers’ baseball team both at the plate and on the mound, as well as providing solid defense in the infield. Williams won first-team All-District honors as BOTH a pitcher and a shortstop.

Page heads into the Region 2B semifinals Tuesday evening as the No.1 team in the Bull Run District and the No. 2 team in Region B. The second-seeded Panthers (9-3) will host third-seeded Madison (8-4) at 6 p.m. No. 1 Buckingham hosts No. 4 Stonewall Jackson at 4:30 p.m. The Region 2B finals will be held Thursday at PCHS.



• Catcher — Grant Lillard, junior, Rappahannock

• First Base — Luke Lyman, junior, Clarke

• Second Base — Brayden Hovatter, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• Third Base — Collin Reynolds, senior, Strasburg

• Shortstop — Lance Williams, sophomore, Page County

• Outfield — Aaron Henshaw, senior, Madison; Ben Dinkel, junior, East Rockingham; Brandon Martin, senior, Strasburg

• DH — Austin Ritchie, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• At-Large — Tanner Jenkins, junior, Strasburg; Jaden Click, junior, Stonewall Jackson

• Pitcher — Trey Deane, junior, Madison; Jonah Cochran, senior, Clarke; Lance Williams, sophomore, Page County

Baseball Player of the Year- Lance Williams (Page County)


• Catcher — Corey Helmick, junior, Madison

• First Base — Isaiah Cloude, senior, Page County

• Second Base — Brenden Fitzwater, senior, Luray

• Third Base — Chase Parlett, junior, Page County

• Shortstop — Dawson Moomaw, junior, Stonewall Jackson

• Outfield — Quinton Hensley, sophomore, East Rockingham; Jonah Cochran, senior, Clarke; Brayden Smith, junior, Stonewall Jackson

• DH — Justin Day, senior, Strasburg

• At-Large — Sam Vandrey, sophomore, Rappahannock; Caden Good, junior, Page County

• Pitcher — Brayden Hovatter, senior, Stonewall Jackson; Mason Ramey, junior, Rappahannock; Justin Day, senior, Strasburg


Despite the Panthers’ 4-4-2 record in boys’ soccer and finishing among the middle of the pack in the Bull Run District this season, Jared Melini not only earned first team All-District honors at his position, but the senior forward was also chosen as the Bull Run District “Player of the Year.”

In the Region 2B semifinals in boys’ soccer set for Tuesday evening, No. 1 Clarke hosts No. 4 Buckingham at 5 p.m., while No. 3 Stonewall Jackson travels to No. 2 Staunton for a 6 p.m. match. The Region 2B finals will be played Thursday.



• Forward — Justin Toone, senior, Clarke; Brendan Haun, senior, Clarke; Jared Melini, senior, Page County; Lucca Despirito, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• Midfielder — Chris LeBlanc, sophomore, Clarke; Charlie Frame, freshman, Clarke; Leo Morris, sophomore, Clarke; Andrew Lute, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• Defender — Ryan Roller, sophomore, Strasburg; Caleb Neiman, junior, Clarke; Jesus Ramirez, junior, Clarke; Rion Dennison, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• Keeper — Christian Hess, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• At-Large — Kaden Colcombe, junior, Strasburg; Oakley Staples, sophomore, Clarke; Gregorio Cruz, senior, Madison

Boys’ Soccer Player of the Year- Jared Melini (Page County)


• Forward — Seth McLearen, freshman, Madison; Harim Toone, junior, Clarke; Nathan Wright, senior, Page County; Ian Waldner, sophomore, Clarke

• Midfielder — Connor McClelland, sophomore, Madison; Seth Nicholson, senior, Strasburg; Brahiem Dehache, senior, Stonewall Jackson; Canaan Pierce, senior, Page County

• Defender — Troy Miller, freshman, Madison; Cameron Froemel, senior, Strasburg; Remington Sharp, junior, Strasburg; Joseph Ziercher, freshman, Clarke

• Keeper — Hunter Allen, junior, Madison

• At-Large — Angel Cortez, junior, East Rockingham; Alexander Velasquez, senior, East Rockingham; William Smith, senior, Stonewall Jackson


Luray High School junior Emilee Weakley has lead the Bulldogs to the postseason with a 7-3 record. Weakley earned first team All-District honors as a forward, while teammates Avery Alger, Trinity Hasse and Amber Tharpe earned second team All-District honors.

The third-seeded Bulldogs travel to second-seeded Stonewall Jackson on Tuesday for a 6 p.m. Region 2B semifinal matchup. The other semifinal pits No. 4 Stuarts Draft against No. 1 Clarke at 7 p.m. The Region 2B finals are scheduled for Thursday.



• Forward — Madison Toone, freshman, Clarke; Annika Dellinger, sophomore, Stonewall Jackson; Sterlyn Woodward, senior, Madison; Emilee Weakley, junior, Luray

• Midfielder — Emma Massanopoli, senior, Clarke; Eli Dellinger, senior, Stonewall Jackson; Morgan Mrizek, junior, Strasburg; Kate McLearen, junior, Madison;

• Defender — Morgan Gibson, senior, Stonewall Jackson; Alison Sipe, senior, Clarke; Lilly Suling, freshman, Clarke; Katie Jordan, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• Keeper — Emma Rogers, junior, Clarke

• At-Large — Kylene Franklin, senior, Stonewall Jackson; Abigail Davis, senior, Strasburg; Sophia Deem, senior, Clarke

Girls’ Soccer Player of the Year – Madison Toone (Clarke County)


• Forward — Faith Curry, senior, Strasburg; Kezia Despirito, junior, Stonewall Jackson; Rylan Criscione, freshman, East Rockingham; Rebecca Camancho Bruno, junior, Clarke

• Midfielder — Abby Clayton, senior, East Rockingham; Maya Marasco, junior, Clarke; Lizzie Burbridge, junior, Madison; Brooke Jones, senior, Stonewall Jackson

• Defender — Madison Wright, junior, Stonewall Jackson; Olivia Rhodes, freshman, East Rockingham; Averie Alger, junior, Luray; Hannah Whitaker, sophomore, Stonewall Jackson

• Keeper — Trinity Hasse, sophomore, Luray

• At-Large — Amber Tharpe, junior, Luray; Hannah Kepler, sophomore, Strasburg; Campbell Neiman, freshman, Clarke



Burrill named Region 2B ‘Player of the Year’ – 4 locals earn first team All-Region

14 local athletes earn All-Region football honors

17 county football players earn All-District

Coach Lucas, Weakley, Burrill, Hankins earn top honors in Virginia’s 2A girls basketball

Six county athletes selected for All-Region hoops team

10 local players honored on All-District basketball team

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