Decision 2022/Shenandoah Council – Q&A with Brenda Haggett

Town of Shenandoah

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Page Valley News will be publishing profiles of local candidates in contested races for the Luray and Shenandoah councils in this fall’s elections over the next few weeks. Each race features four candidates for three open seats, and voters may cast ballots for up to three candidates.

[Ms. Haggett did not provide a photo or direct answers to questions posed to all candidates. Comments she provided were paired with the most appropriate question presented.]

Brenda Haggett

Age: 63

Work:  Owner of Boxcar Deli & Subs and Four Season’s Gifts & Decor in Shenandoah; also worked as bookkeeper/accountant and in banking/finance.

Family: Husband, Dan Haggett; three children, 10 grandchildren.


• Why are you running for public office?

I am running for town council to add a different voice and ideas to the council. I know to think “outside the box” to help find solutions to problems. I feel Shenandoah needs different opinions to move forward and bring change to our town.

• What makes you the best candidate?

I have lived in Shenandoah all of my adult life. We move back to Shenandoah from Elkton when I was 14, been here since. My dad was a business owner in town in the 70’s and 80’s. My husband, Dan, and I own Boxcar Deli & Subs and Four Seasons Gifts & Decor located at 502 First Street in Shenandoah. We have been a business owner in town since 2010 when we opened Enchanting Floral & Gifts, a fresh flower and gift shop. We closed that division when we expanded the deli into the building that housed the flower shop. We still have gifts, but now offer a bigger eat-in space and an outdoor area.

• What is the most pressing issue facing the Town of Shenandoah?

Shenandoah has more than one pressing issue, which all need to be addressed. Business growth, water and sewer issues, street repairs and sidewalk repairs are just a few.

• What is one thing that you would like to change or improve about Shenandoah?

If I’m elected I hope to work with the community to find resolutions to some of these problems and keep moving forward. 

• Briefly describe a decision you have made in a leadership role and tell why you made that decision.

[No response provided.]



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