Stanley’s Co. 24 answers 51 fire, medical calls in November

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Stanley Fire Dept

~ Provided by Stanley Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 24

The Stanley Volunteer Fire Department answered 51 calls for the month of November reported Fire Chief Terry A. Pettit — including 16 emergency calls, 14 medical calls and 21 non-emergency calls. Total calls to-date are 553.

A breakdown of the calls show that the department responded to 14 medical calls, six lock out calls, checked four chimneys, three vehicle accidents, three control burns, three standby landing sites, two water rescues, two smoke investigations, two standby control burns, two house fires (2 houses), two standby fireworks display and one birthday parade, standby event, wash out pipe, remove tree from roadway, LP Gas leak, electrical lines down, attend funeral possession and standby funeral.

An average of 14 members responded to each emergency call and an average of 4 members responded to each medical call. There were 519 miles placed on apparatus, and there was no fire damage for the month.

The department assisted the Stanley Rescue Squad on 11 calls, Page County EMS on four calls and the Luray Rescue Squad on three calls. The department was assisted by the Page County EMS on two calls. Air Care 3 was called three times to transport medical patients from the scene to Trauma Centers.

There was one vehicle accident-related injury and one other injury. Two cars and one pickup were totaled in vehicle accidents.

Members responding to the most emergency calls were Chief Pettit 16, Colin Huffman 15, Zack Croft 13, Chance Wallace 11, Mike Foltz 9, Mathew Price 9, Brennan Stoneberger 9.

Members answering the most medical calls were Chief Pettit 10, Casey Burner 4, Derek Franks 4, Mike Foltz 3 and Chance Wallace 3.

Members answering the most non-emergency calls were Chief Pettit 10, Dakota Turner 9, Brandon Stroupe 8, Chance Wallace 7, Derek Franks 6, J.T. Long 6, Casey Burner 5, Colin Huffman 4, Mathew Price 4, Brennan Stoneberger 4.

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