Where was the Trump family?


Dear Editor:

Even though the presidential election of Joe Biden will soon demonstrate that our “National Nightmare is Finally Over,” Donald Trump continues to behave in an erratic, unstable manner as his presidency runs out. 

The traitorous revolt against our Nation last week at the U.S. Capitol was the last straw to me; imagine how the rest of the world must feel knowing that the U.S. president incited a riot last week and ordered his disciples to wreck havoc and damage on the Nation’s center of democracy and the people who work there.

I can’t imagine anyone arguing that Trump will have any legacy except to conclude he will solely be known as the worst president in history, a criminal, and now a traitor. We need to hold him responsible for his crimes; we remain a Nation of laws. 

How proud his 70 million loyal and gullible disciples must feel now. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to pass out poisoned Kool Aid to his minions before he leaves town. Be careful, Trumpites, he’s not done yet. Will you continue to believe his constant lies without question?

As a democrat and frequent letter writer, I’ve been called a “socialist” by these Retrumplicans several times, although I can reasonably conclude that no socialists or democrats likely participated in that treasonous riot last week at the Capitol. 

One issue continues to perplex me. Where has Trump’s family been during the last four years? Did they do nothing to help him in his descent into madness? 

I come from a large Italian-American family who love and support each other no matter what. My late father was the patriarch of the clan. If he had been involved in criminal activities, had alcohol or drug problems, or if his mental state began to deteriorate to the extent that he could possibly harm people or himself, we, his family members, would have stepped in long before legal or law enforcement authorities would have become involved.  Where I come from, family comes first, and we protect each other. 

At the least, I expect we would have placed my father under an informal house arrest or private security, not let him drive his car, and confiscated his telephone; we certainly  would have gotten him the professional help he may have needed. Our family “rule” has long been “NEVER EMBARRASS THE FAMILY, period. And we weren’t in the mafia either, before you anticipate responding with some cheap shots.

So, I have to wonder about Trump. Does his family and wife not care about him? Did they simply ignore his incompetence, lies, bullying, and grift activities for the last four years? 

Or, are they afraid that he’ll cut them out of his will?

Don Feliciano ~ Luray, Va.  


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  1. Mr. Feliciano… an excellent letter with all remarks on point! The question is, now that Trump has released his deplorables on our capitol, can any sense of sanity be restored to our country? There has been a huge crack in our democracy, and I look forward for the healing to begin with the Biden administration. Sherry Ford

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