January is membership month for American Legion


Dear Editor:

January is traditionally membership month at The American Legion. This fiscal year, Post #22 has found itself leading our 15th District with an overall paid membership of 89.4 percent. The members of Post #22 have worked very hard in having current members make their dues payments on time for this current fiscal year (2020 – 2021), ending in June each year.

Another avenue for which the Post has been extremely successful has been the recruitment of three new members and two transfer members. These numbers reflect efforts by our Post #22 membership since July 1 of this fiscal period.

I’d like to point out that due to recent changes nationally in the American Legion’s membership eligibility requirements, virtually any veteran of U.S. Military Service, going all the way back to WWII, and including all military conflicts since where U.S. Troops have been involved, can now apply for membership in The American Legion.

Those interested in becoming an active member in our Post #22 should contact Tim Talley at 757-373-0949, Jim Fargo at 860-1945, or David Wittich at 540-333-2604.

Any of these members will be pleased to take your name and contact information, and let you know when our next regular monthly meeting will be held so you may attend and be inducted into our Post.

Post #22 is an organization of “Veterans helping Veterans”. Our organization is committed to aiding former military personnel and their families with job placement, housing and medical needs. We have contacts to help with suicide prevention, and other crisis remedies. Our purpose is to help current active-duty personnel, to acquiring the earned benefits which each veteran has selflessly and rightly earned, through sacrificing a period of your life serving and defending your country

For God and Country,

Richard Worrell ~ Commander, American Legion Post #22, Luray, Va.  


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