Leave farming to farmers, say no to new ‘Residential Farms’ zoning designation


To the Editor:

“Residential Farms” is a new designation included in the Page County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance
now being considered.

A property zoned residential currently does not allow livestock (cattle, pigs, goats). The new proposed
Residential Farm zone will allow livestock in residential neighborhoods on property with 2 to 6 acres. For
example, you could have one pig per acre or one adult bovine per 2 acres. Plus, additional livestock can
be added if the residents are participating in an agricultural youth association like 4H or FFA.

There are no setback restrictions as to where the livestock could roam including right up to your
property line. So, imagine a sunny, summer afternoon. You are outside enjoying your back yard with
your family and friends. Then the stench of 3 or more pigs living just a few feet away slowly drifts over
your party forcing everyone inside. Farfetched? No. We know these situations exist in Page County now
and the new ordinance will only legitimize it.

Farm animals, “livestock”, have no place in a residential community. The proposed changes to the county
zoning ordinance should be a concern to all residential homeowners.

Leave the farming to the farmers.

Joy and David Hudson ~ Luray, Va.


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