Public Forum on local schools shows staff’s ‘strong commitment and high quality’


To the Editor:

On Wednesday evening, April 20, the Page County Public Forum sponsored an excellent session highlighting the outstanding work of our local public school division.

The session featured three top officials of Page County Public Schools — Dr. Antonia Fox, Superintendent; plus two Assistant Superintendents, Eric Benson and Dr. Paul Johnson.

These three educators explained in detail the goals and methods of the division and its teachers, as well as many challenges they face, including the impact of the pandemic, budgetary limitations and other circumstances. The strong commitment and high quality of these officials was evident.

I urge everyone concerned with our youth and our future to tune into the recording of this Public
Forum. The link is:

The passcode is: W*!dW8H^

Skip Halpern ~ Luray, Va.

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  1. Skip Halpern, thank you so much for your great letter on our Forum last evening! Unfortunately the video did not record well with broadband at the VFW. We are hoping our great panel will alow us another chance to record their important presentation. Stay tuned please. Nancy Boyer, Co-Chair, Page County Public Forum

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