Calling all conservatives … the real ones


To the Editor:

Calling all Conservatives. Real ones. Not the phonies. Ones whose cornerstone values are the Constitution, rule of law, and institutions that make those possible. When are you going to take your Party back?

Yes, you who used to call yourselves Republican before your brothers and sisters swallowed the Kool-Aid of Putin’s puppet. And you, who still hold onto the Republican label because you have no place else to go. A political party without a moral core grounded in reality, not self-delusion, eventually self-destructs.

The big lie that Trump won the election worked well. Now it’s a litmus test for “real” Republicans. Didn’t matter when it came time to produce evidence in open court, there was none. Believing mattered more than evidence.

Why was selling the fraud so easy? Because the lie was aimed at minds who want to be lied to. When you invite people like that into your party, the lunatics eventually take over the asylum. Ones who know better, but are in the game to get power, have no choice but to bobble their heads along with loonies.

Courage only makes you a target. That’s why the Republican Party today has few moral leaders.

Who’s following them?

James “Jim” Tweed ~ Ocean City, N.J.

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  1. “James Tweed”
    You believed Hillary Clinton, the MSM, the “Squad”, et al about the fraudulent Russia collusion hoax didn’t you?
    Are you a Bolshevik storm trooper?

  2. I guess if the focus is on the person that was in the office previously to no end the hope is we will tend to ignore all the wonderful things that are changing and taking place now.
    I think you will find in smaller rural communities like Page that the folks here don’t make as much money, are more self reliant, and any policy changes that cost them money hurts more than the average city dweller.
    Most conservatives just want to be left alone and not told how to think and be happy to give the gov. more hard earned money.
    Mr Tweed, You sound like another person from “America’s landfill” coming here to try and make this place like where they came/escaped from.
    Try to enjoy it the way it is 🙂

    • I too look for a party of conservatives that represents fiscal balance and limited government. This party should manage by respectful speech and thoughtful compromise to restore the center of America. I had hoped that the GOP could reclaim that role. Sadly, it seems beyond them now. We can hope for a third party built around the conservative leaders and voters abandoned by the GOP.

  3. As a Democrat who never would have voted for a phony bully, thief, and liar like Donald Trump, I appreciate Mr. Tweed’s comments about what conservative values used to be embraced by Republicans. These values are the source of useful debate for the troubles we Americans experience.

    I just shake my head now at how gullible so many Republicans are because all they do now is listen to Fox News instead of paying attention to what’s really going on in this country.

    It’s just sad out here in Page County that readers don’t take the time to actually read letters to the editor but instead, just behave, like Trump, that it’s OK to simply bad-mouth and bully letter writers and the media. Friends tell me that Page County has become a home for people who hate. Useful debate is what keeps democracy intact, but we don’t tolerate political debate here in Page County. Just keep supporting Trump’s latest lies.

    I regret that the Republican Party I grew up with has deteriorated to a state where people simply believe in the Big Lie and vote for anything but Democrat initiatives. I’ve actually listened to people who want Joe Biden to be killed. How insane is that anyone would support killing the President of the U.S.?

    Have any of you actually watched the January 6th hearings about what a bum you voted for back in 2020 (and whom you actually plan to vote for again!?), if he’s not already been indicted by then? Will you ever learn that Trump lies all the time? Will you tell your kids what a hero Trump is?

    It’s easy to blame things like the economy and gas prices on Joe Biden, but if you did a little homework, you’ll eventually find out that these issues are NOT his fault except to provide Republican party strategists with a reason to discredit the guy who is leading NATO and the world against Putin yet still had time to engineer several multi-billion laws designed to help Americans.

    Most of you don’t even know about Biden’s accomplishments because your Republican reps voted against ALL of them. I expect you all returned those government recovery checks to the U.S. Treasury that the Biden folk sent out last year to help citizens without obtaining a single Republican vote of support. However, a lot of those Republicans reps went home to their constituents and wrongfully took credit for Biden’s successes. Classy.

    We’re so lucky here is Page County to have all of our Republican state and House reps fully in the pocket of the NRA. I pray every night that VA won’t be the next state on the list for an AR-15 massacre.

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