New dog park NOT first dog park in Page County

Shenandoah Dog Park sign

To the Editor:

I want to congratulate Mr. Don Feliciano of Luray for succeeding in his efforts to establish a dog park in Page County with the announcement of Bailey’s Dog Park in Stanley near the Hawksbill Park. He has worked hard to have this happen and deserves praise for his efforts.

However, Bailey’s Dog Park is NOT the first dog park in Page County as Mr. Feliciano’s Letter to the Editor dated June 13, 2022 states.

Mr. Feliciano, much like many of our friends and neighbors in the northern end of Page County, forgets the Town of Shenandoah is also part of Page County and, although small, the Town of Shenandoah has had a Dog Park for several years.

Since the Shenandoah Park is within town limits a leash is required, but it is a dog park in Page County and it holds the honor of being the first dog park in Page County.

Dolores Lackovitch ~ Shenandoah, Va.

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  1. Dear Ms. Lackovitch…

    I’m the guy who’s building and donating the new dog park in Stanley this year. I’m aware that Shenandoah has a park for dogs (I’ve been there), but technically, it’s not a dog park per se because it doesn’t keep the dogs contained within the park.

    Dog parks typically are enclosed by fences at least 5 feet tall so that the dogs can be safely unleashed to play unrestricted. The Shenandoah Park sign says that dogs need to be leashed. Furthermore, with its short fence (the last time I visited it), the Shenandoah park probably is not capable of keeping the dogs within the enclosure, which basically defeats the purpose of unleashed dogs being able to play unrestricted.

    Sorry, but Bailey’s Legacy Dog Park has been approved by the county board of supervisors and will “technically” be the first dog park for all Page County citizens and their dogs to enjoy. It is already under construction in Stanley next to the Hawksbill Recreation Park. The 3-acre structure will have a 5-foot-high chain link fence structure enclosing the park, with two gates and a dividing fence that will separate the structure into two parks–one for smaller dogs and the other for larger (>40-lb) dogs. We’re also adding 20+ parking spaces.

    Because I’m aware that dogs love to play in water, I am adding a “wow” feature water sprayer arch that will span the dividing fence and allow owners to trigger a spray of water for their dogs to run under and get wet. I am not aware of any dog parks in the U.S. that have similar water sprayers.

    I’m hoping to have the dog park completed this year. Come with your dog and visit! I appreciate that Shenandoah took the initiative to build its dog park years ago. Dog owners in the county had tried unsuccessfully for over 20 years to get the county’s largest town to build a dog park. I was unceremoniously shown the door when I approached its town council last year, which led me to Stanley, which enthusiastically welcomed the project.

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